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A History of Doing Right
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A History  of Doing Right



In an industry once sketchily regulated, Individual  Benefits, Inc. (IBI) has an unblemished reputation for integrity. IBI has never received a single complaint nor  been reported to any state commission.

Individual Benefits was incorporated in 1992 by its  President and CEO, Ramon A. Vicente. At the time, there were  only 24 viatical settlements companies and little competition to protect the sellers, also known as "viators," of life insurance policies. From the beginning, IBI has been an advocate for the viator, seeking the greatest amount for our clients.

Today, there are over 70 companies, and IBI is one of the  largest and the most reputable. Our president is an elected  board member of the industry watchdog, the Viatical Association of America (VAA).

As a member of the VAA, Individual Benefits complies with  state regulatory agencies. Licensed in every state which  requires it, IBI does business across the U.S., Hawaii, and  in Puerto Rico.


Recognized as a leader in the viatical settlements industry by both professional and consumer groups, IBI has made contributions to a large number of organizations including the National Association of People With AIDS, Cancer Care, Inc., Bay Area AIDS Consortium, Triad Health Project, Indiana Cares, Tampa AIDS Network, Metrolina AIDS Project, Piedmont HIV Health Consortium, AIDS Project Los Angeles, and the National Minority AIDS Council.

Individual Benefits contributes in other ways. We are  especially proud of our workshops for nonprofit  organizations and referral agencies. These workshops provide  general financial information for people with life-threatening illnesses who are considering selling their life insurance policies. We cover all bases, not just the viatical options, explaining what would work best for  different policies. We invite counselors to come together so  they can discuss their concerns. They tell us about the medical and social problems facing their patients. So we all learn something.



The Right  Business

Individual Benefits is a viatical settlement company. We find cash for those who need it most. It's our job to locate the best investors for eligible life insurance policies offered by viators -- people faced with life-threatening illnesses.

Our revenues come from processing their applications and from the purchase of their policies by and through Individual Benefits' funding channels.



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